For speakers
For speakers

Schools in Business - Speakers in Schools program is a valuable tool for educators within the state. To find out how you can assist the Speakers in Schools program, click through the categories below.

  • What is the program

    What is the program

    The Speakers in Schools program brings young people who are passionate about their careers into classrooms to inspire and motivate the next generation of working South Australians.

  • What our speakers say

    What our speakers say

    The Speakers in Schools program has grown from only 10 speakers to over 600 Speakers and these passionate South Australians all value their participation for many different reasons.

  • Speakers in Schools Awards

    Speakers in Schools Awards

    We think our speakers are amazing and to acknowledge their valuable contribution, Speakers in Schools conducts annual Speakers in Schools Awards.

  • Become a speaker

    Become a speaker

    If you are keen to share your career story and have a flair for communication why not become part of this fantastic program?