What our speakers say
What our speakers say


The Speakers in Schools program has grown from only 10 speakers to over 600 Speakers and these passionate South Australians all value their participation for many different reasons. See below what some of them have to say about their involvement.


“The Speakers in Schools program is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to share their stories with students of all age groups across this great State. The presentations provide the opportunity to show the kids the enormous opportunities that exists together with the reality of the challenges they will face and the success they can achieve.” Detective Inspector John De Candia, SAPOL


“I love this program as it was something that we weren’t exposed to when I was young and I think it is so important to expand young people’s minds to all the possibilities available. I love sharing the concept of mission, purpose and creativity in learning how to turn your passions into your career goals.” Trudi Pavlovsky, The Dream Initiative

"Excellent, I am extremely impressed in students' enthusiasm for overseas volunteering" Christie Lai Ming Lam, Adelaide University

"Students could related to job decisions and uni discussions as they are currently working through this" Teresa Whitehorn, Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation

"The audience appeared interested, some people approached me with questions afterward" Paul Pearce, Deep Blue Tech Pty Ltd