Getting students ready
Getting students ready


To help students get the most out of a visit from speakers you can point them towards some career information about the speaker’s occupation, get them doing some fun career activities and prepare some good questions for the speaker.

An important step when students’ are developing Personal Learning Plans or beginning career planning for a smooth transition from school to work or further education is researching and exploring career information.

Students are likely to get more out of listening to and speaking with the speaker if they have investigated the occupation or industry the speaker is employed in. 

You can point them to Australia’s national career information service,  Its free for all students and their families, teachers and career teachers, in fact, all Australians!


Here are some handy links in where students can start to explore!


Maybe your students need some activities to get them started!


myfuture is a joint initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments

SkillsOne TV

SkillsOne is one of Australia’s leading multimedia companies, broadcast online ( and on television, for career counsellors, students, parents, and mature-aged workers seeking comprehensive and beneficial information on trades, skills and training within the vocational education sector.
Launched in Sydney in 2007, SkillsOne works with industry, educators, government and TAFE to engage and promote the extensive career opportunities and pathways in traditional trades and emerging skills areas, ranging from automotive, electrical and mining, through to hairdressing, healthcare and horticulture.
SkillsOne has more than 1300 videos online, featuring real stories and interviews with apprentices, employers, TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations. SkillsOne Television is broadcast on Aurora Community Channel via Foxtel and Austar daily. The episodes are short, inspirational and educational video stories about apprentices and employers, career pathways and industry sectors, as well as trainers and teachers.
The SkillsOne website provides a rich tapestry of relevant and useful information about trades and skills – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The site features all stories from SkillsOne Television, and is continually updated with news stories and articles, industry snapshots, ‘how to’ sections, weekly e-newsletters, guest blogs, and career information and insights into trade and vocational careers.
SkillsOne inspires young people, career counsellors, parents and mature-aged workers to develop positive attitudes towards trades and skills, and to become more informed as to the wonderful diversity offered through vocational education and the exciting emerging career opportunities available to them.
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Other useful sites

There are a number of other useful sites for you to browse prior to a speaker coming in to visit your students. These sites may also be helpful for activities or research on current careers in the State.

Department of State Development

Job Outlook

Australian Apprentices

Industry Skills Councils


Career Industry Council of Australia

Career Development Association of Australia